Volunteer Applications

The camp program is a very busy week, but provides volunteers an amazing experience and opportunity!

Please read the following before submitting your application:

Volunteers at Camp Wendake make camp a memorable experience for the campers.  We would love to have you join us to be part of this amazing experience that helps change lives for the better!

Each year around 40 volunteers come together to make Camp Wendake possible.  This is only possible with the support of individuals that possess a wide array of skills and knowledge. 

What Can I Expect While Volunteering at Camp?

Camp Wendake is a fairly rustic facility, in order to volunteer you will be walking/working in an area that is uneven at times, and there is a fair amount of walking to get around. The volunteer cabins do not have running water and we use shared washroom facilities.

Volunteers arrive to camp a day or two before campers in order to prepare the campground.  This time will be spent cleaning your area of work, moving supplies from our storage facility, participating in volunteer orientation and development, and getting to know your fellow volunteers.

Each day you can expect to have at least our hours of direct camper impact; this will usually be related to your position at camp, but you may be asked to help out in other areas if needed.  All volunteers (except the kitchen team) must sign up for at least three dishwashing duties.

Volunteers cannot bring their children or family members (who are not also volunteering).

Volunteer Position Details

Please review the following volunteer positions required to make camp possible; you will indicate which you are interested in on the application form:

Cabin Leader

Cabin leaders support adults and their families in a cabin of up to 10 persons.  They are a resource for campers during their stay, available to answer questions and help to make Camp a great experience for them.  They are also responsible for the organization of their cabin during any crises or emergencies.  The cabin leaders may be required to perform other duties as required.

Nursing Team

The nursing team provide daily health care and monitoring to all campers and volunteers, handling crises and emergency situations as they arise.  The nursing team may be required to perform other duties as required.

Kitchen Team

The kitchen team are responsible for the preparation of food, cooking, and dining room management.  Their daily tasks include maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen, workstations, and food storage facilities.  They provide meals to all campers and volunteers, as well as cleaning, and other duties as required.

Dish Pit Team

The dish pit team are responsible for the availability of clean dishes, pots, pans, and flatware.  They support the kitchen team by sweeping and mopping floors and maintaining the sanitary standards of the kitchen, as well as any  other duties, as required.

Dining Hall Team

The dining hall team are responsible for the set up and tear-down of the dining hall before meals.  They monitor, maintain, and restock the refreshments, as well as sweeping and mopping floors and other duties, as required.

Maintenance Team

The maintenance team work to keep the camp facility cleaned, maintained and safe for use.  They may be required to perform minor repairs, waste management and will be available to help with issues as they arise.  They work closely with the Camp Huron on-site staff.


Lifeguards are responsible for the waterfront beach area and ensure safety of campers and volunteers when the Beach is open.  Lifeguards explain and enforce safety rules, rescue people in danger, and use their knowledge of first aid to provide support should a situation arise at the waterfront.

Program Team

The program team is responsible for the development, implantation, and management of programs and activities that take place at Camp, including recreation, arts & crafts, music, water activities, off-site outings, evening programs, children’s program, and specialty programs.  They are responsible for creating a rich camp experience that offers campers multiple programming choices each day.

Arts and Crafts Team

The arts and crafts team provide arts and crafts activities for children and adults including various activities in the Craft Cabin as well as our famous t-shirt tie-dying.  They support campers by encouraging creativity and self-expression.  They are also responsible for working with the programs team to source the appropriate supplies before camp.

Children's Program Team

The children's program team offer a morning and afternoon recreation program for school aged children that can include activities, sports, and crafts.  They are responsible for keeping the children busy and suitably engaged.  They should be extremely caring and should have an intrinsic inclination for children.

Care Team

The care team provides leadership for organizing the opening and closing ceremonies, and the morning thought for the day.  They are available to meet one-on-one to provide emotional and spiritual support and promote a sense of community and well-being for campers and volunteers.

Specialty Volunteers

Specialty volunteers provide programming within their area of expertise such as: massage therapists, reiki practitioners, yoga practitioners, axe throwing, archery, karaoke, hair stylists, artists and others who would like to volunteer their time and talent to come to camp for a day or more to provide their skills to campers. Please contact us if you are interested. 

Ready to Apply?

Applications received before May 15th will be given priority for available positions.