A Week of Community


A peaceful, fun opportunity to simply be yourself

The Camp Experience

It is the mission of Camp Wendake to provide a safe, welcoming residential camping experience for persons living with HIV and those who support them. We strive to honour diversity in age, gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, health status, culture, spirituality and economic state.

Our camp program includes:

* our children's program is available for school aged children who attend Camp Wendake with their parents. There is a morning and an afternoon program. When children are not attending the children's program, they must always have parent supervision.

Governance Committee

The Camp Wendake Governance Committee is a committed group of volunteers who work year-round to ensure the sustainability of Campwendake through fundraising, public awareness and partnerships. 

Governance Committee Members

Chris Dinney, Co-Chair

Richard Oliver, Treasurer, Co-Chair

Jess Abbott

Norm LeNeve

Kelly Muhsin

Kevin O'Leary

Richard Renaud

Rick Kish

Hana Scorrar

Non-Voting Members

Chris Bellamy, Camp Registrar

Pat Jones, Camp Director

Honorary Members

Sylvia Brightwell