Where do campers stay?

All campers stay in large cabins with 10 campers per cabin. Families stay together, often staying with other families. There are men-only and/or women-only cabins as well as co-ed.​ Cabin leaders spend a lot of time arranging cabin mates. A staff person also stays in each cabin to assist with orientation to camp.

How do I pay for camp?

Campers can pay an Individual Rate or a Family Rate. Many AIDS Service Organizations (ASO) will assist with funding for camp fees. If you do not have an ASO or your ASO can not assist, and you are unable to pay the camp fee, please contact our Camp Registrar.

How do I get to camp?

Camp Wendake has bus pick up points in Toronto (Yorkdale Mall), Hamilton, Kitchener, London and Windsor. Once you are confirmed to attend camp, you will receive information on bus pick up in your area. Some campers choose to drive to camp.

What do I need to bring to camp?

Once confirmed for camp you will receive a list of items you should bring to camp. The following are things everyone needs to bring with them: sleeping bag (or sheets and blanket); pillow; towel and wash cloth; towel for the beach; clothing to suit hot weather, chilly nights or rainy days; bathing suit; appropriate footwear for a grassy, rustic campground. Bring all medications you will need for the week.

What about my medications?

It is crucial you bring all medications you will need for a week away. At Camp Wendake, all campers and staff must keep medications in the Nursing Cabin (Club Meds). This is an Ontario Camping Association standard as there are children on-site and it is important your medication is in a safe place. You have access to your medication 24/7 and it is simply in the nursing cabin for camp-wide safety. The nursing cabin has a fridge for medications requiring refrigeration.

Can I bring alcohol or marijuana to camp?

Our community expectations does not allow for recreational substances like alcohol, marijuana or illicit drugs to be brought to camp. If this is something that will be difficult for you for a week, Camp Wendake may not be right for you at this time. Medical marijuana with a prescription or club card is, of course, allowed just like any prescribed medication.

A Rustic Environment

It is important to know that Camp Wendake is physically in a rustic setting without any paved walkways or paths. Washrooms are not in camper cabins; but are in close proximity. Ground cover is loose gravel and grass covered fields. The access to our beautiful beach is by way of a staircase leading down a sandy hill to the stunning Lake Huron.